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4 benefits of TB16

4 Benefits of TB16 that Help in Your Lean Body Journey!

One of the main reasons why fitness enthusiasts do not work on their Body Mass Index is because its based on weight alone. The idea that weight is the correct indicator of fitness is now obsolete. The reason? Because muscle is heavier than fat and a muscular woman at a certain weight is a lot fitter and leaner, than an overweight woman of the same weight and height.

Today, fitness is judged in terms of body fat percentage and fat free mass index. But getting lean and muscular is not an easy task – especially for women. There are a few reasons for it – let’s take a look.

Why it’s hard for women to stay lean

1. Hormones – The hormonal composition of women is designed to retain more fat in the body. In fact, in most cases, physicians say that a woman under 20% body fat is not going to have a healthy life. But, even getting close to 20 per cent seems impossible with all that estrogen running over the testosterone in their system.

2. Stress – It is no news that women are twice as likely to suffer from stress related diseases and depression. Many researchers have also concluded that this can happen while women are losing body fat too – and that is one of the reasons why many tend to overeat even with a working diet plan.

3. Finding time for workouts – This is more of a personal observation, but women are often able to manage little time for themselves. This affects their workout and diet regime, and eventually makes it very difficult for them to keep a lean and fit body!

But, what is the answer to all of these issues. Surely it cannot mean that having a lean and fit body for women is impossible? That would be an absolute catastrophe!

Thanks to the improvement of science and the constant research on muscle building and fat loss in women, there are easier ways to do it now. Take NGNutra’s TB16 Thermal Burn for instance. This supplement is built to make fat loss easier, so that all the muscles you have worked so hard to get, show themselves in an impersonation of pure aesthetics.

However, why is this supplement any better than all the other run of the mill fat burners that are out there? Well, if you really want to know, then you need to keep reading this blog for more –

Major ingredients of NGNutra TB16 Thermal Burn

When you want to know the benefits of any edible supplement, the first thing to look for is the list of major ingredients. These will give you an idea of what’s what and how things will have an impact on you.

In the case of this supplement, here’s a list and what the composition does for you to help you stay lean and fit –

1. Tyrosine – In the TB16, there is around 500 mg of Tyrosine – an amino acid that is used widely to improve focus, attention, memory, and overall awareness. Tyrosine is also helpful in stress and make it easier for women and men to deal with it and do a fine job!

2. Polydextrose – An important compound that is used to keep the moisture content of food intact, this helps with daily fiber needs. Getting a 8 gm serving of the compound from one scoop of the NGNUtra TB 16 can do wonders for your system and keep it clear!

3. Vitamin B Complex – These 8 Vitamin B’s are essential in the proper functioning of our body and aid in metabolism, energy conversion, carbohydrate, amino acid metabolism, and the likes.

These are the 4 major ingredients that can be found in the TB16 Thermal burn. Additionally, one can also find caffeine anhydrous, choline, and Guarana seed extract among others.

Now that you have taken a look at all the major compounds at work here, let’s take a deep look at how the supplement can help you build a better and leaner body with the ideal fat percentage.

Here are the 4 Main Benefits of TB16

The TB 16 Thermal Burn has been engineered by researchers at NGNutra to make sure that your fat burning lean body journey is a pleasant one. But how much of that is going to be experienced by you? If that is the question on your mind, then learning about the 4 benefits of this new age supplement will definitely give you a good head start!

1. Better Focus during workouts and throughout the day

Losing body weight can often be a difficult mental process and hinder with your overall focus throughout the day. Being a woman, this means serious repercussions in your work life and personal life – the responsibilities of which lie firmly on your shoulders.

But with NGNutra’s TB16 Thermal Burn, things are looking up. The 25 mg of Higenamine that is there in the supplement gives you the pace you need to get your workouts going. It also makes you more alert and the pacing heart rate gives you faster metabolism and circulation throughout the day.

It is also effective against your cough and respiratory impairments – which is one of the reasons you are never going to feel breathless during your workout.

The tyrosine amino acid helps your overall mental performance throughout the rest of the day and keeps your memory high and your brain functioning, so that you don’t lack the killer instinct at work after a good morning workout!

TB16 Thermal Burn is also armed with choline which gives you a healthy nervous system and keeps you active and responsive. With a composition like this, helping your mental performance during fat loss and exercise and throughout the rest of the day is not a hard job at all.

If you are a woman who is balancing work, workout, and your private life every day, then the thermal burn is an necessary companion in your life.

2. Mood enhancement to keep you wide-eyed and smiling

Mood swings can be quite an irritation and these emotional refluxes are very common when going through a fat loss process. There can be the need of suddenly craving for certain foods like sugar and fried, and it might lead you to fall off the progress wagon.

#However, with the mood enhancement properties of the TB16 Thermal Burn, that is unlikely to happen.

Staying happy is an important part of the fat loss procedure and the Higenamine is a wonderful source of that mood. There are other compounds as well which work in that effect and ensure the following things –

a) That you stay alert throughout the day and at the top of your performance. No sudden breakdowns are going to happen once you start with the TB16 supplement. If you often face situations that affect you mentally, then this can be a good way to make sure that does not happen!

b) Not just in terms of food, but also when it comes to mental fatigue, TB16 is a great start for you. It keeps your brain in the game and active all through the day, making the job of handling work and pleasure an absolute cakewalk.

c) The choline, tyrosine, higenamine, and glucuronolactone is an essential mix to your neurotransmission and keeps your nervous system working. This is essential because it gives you better reflexes and improves signaling to your limbs, organs, and the rest of your body.

In terms of mood enhancement, the benefits of the THB 16 are multifaceted and far more layered than all the other kinds of pre workout fat loss supplements that are out there!

3. Aiding your metabolism

One of the main processes that aid in fat loss is a fast metabolism and with TB 16 thermal burn, it is not a problem. With ingredients like caffeine, polydextrose Dandelion root, and guarana, these things are done effectively and in a natural process.

Caffeine is an appetite suppressant and a metabolism accelerator that promotes your body’s ability to burn fat. It is widely used in the bodybuilding world and most pre-workouts have quite a healthy dose. TB 16 has 200 mg of caffeine anhydrous which is to not only going to race your metabolism but also keep you wide awake when you need it!

The dandelion root on the other hand is a great diuretic and will help you lose the water weight that has been holding up the scales for so long! Once you lose that stubborn water weight, your skin is going to look paper thin and you are going to get so much more definition in those muscles!

Guarana seeds are also known to enhance metabolism, increase performance, and reduce fatigue in athletes. These are the qualities that make the TB16 a great accelerator for your digestion and fat burning process – helping you row your boat quicker to the lean and mean Instagram model look you have always wanted to flaunt.

4. Motor Response Enhancement

When you start your intake of TB 16 Thermal Burn, your motor abilities become far more enhanced and respond a lot better – making you a better athlete. The Vitamin B Complex blend also enhances your body’s response to a lot of things like appetite, protein synthesis, sugar cravings and the likes.

The Higenamine and other mental focus compounds also help in the process of your mental response and make sure you have better functional performance and reflexes.

These are the 4 benefits of the NG NUTRA TB 16 Thermal Burn supplement. However, no matter how effective a supplement is, there are certain responsibilities of the athlete as well, to make sure that the effects are pleasant.

In this case, here’s what you need to do –

  • Take a proper serving of 13 grams of NGNutra TB16 Thermal Burn supplement and mix it with 250 to 350 ml of water. Have it before your workout to get a good boost on your energy levels and help the powder do its magic.
  • Don’t hold back on workouts – Fat burners are effective, but a proper diet and exercise is indispensable to your well-being and best results. So, make sure you have a regular and disciplined workout regime with plenty of cardio and weight training.
  • Making sure that you take in 25 to 30 grams of fiber in a day – this will allow you to have a clear system and also help you process all the carb and protein in your diet.

If you maintain these things and have a serving of the NG NUTRA TB 16 Thermal Burn, then results are bound to show. The supplement is designed to make women get the beach body they want – and that could be yours if you put in the hard work with the right guidance.

Finally, you can get rid of the all the non-performing fat burners and see some results in front of the mirror. Isn’t that what you are waiting for?