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7 simple meal ideas for a busy lifestyle

7 simple meal ideas for a busy woman to ensure a healthy lifestyle!

You wake up to realize that you are late for work and end up skipping your breakfast or forget to pack your lunch box to office. These are common problems faced by today’s women who follow a hectic and super busy lifestyle balancing home and work. But should you compromise with your diet at all? This is a big no-no for the amazing women and looking good with a feel-good factor infused in your veins can be achieved only when you don’t eat junk or skip your meals.

The way of living followed by women has become quite frenetic and we are trying to pursue good health without thinking twice about the meals we consume. Obviously, spending extra hours in preparing detailed meals with all the bells and whistles doesn’t happen. But missing out on power packed meals just because you are busy, running late or too tired is never an option! Not to forget, women require an extra dose of nutrients and for this healthy diet must be followed. Instead of letting stress crawl into our lives, how about munching on delicious, simple and fueling meals?

Do you follow a nourishing diet?

Before getting into the idea of having healthy meals amidst busy schedules, following certain tips to follow a good diet is mandatory

Love to munch on the calorie-loaded chips even if you are not hungry? It proves you have an empty stomach!

Feel dehydrated and lose energy quickly? The breakfast you have wasn’t adequate!

Crave for sweets all the time? You are running low on sugar!

These are the signs that prove the absence of a nourishing diet regime in your life. Why not follow some incredible tricks and hacks?

  • Do you skip breakfast almost every day? This is the sole reason that makes you feel sluggish all throughout the day, lowering mood, energy level and concentration. Why not prepare your breakfast the night before itself, and microwave it before going to the office? Include proteins and slow digesting carbs to your breakfast meals!
  • Could you stay away from proteins and still think of having a rush of energy in office? No, you can’t and hence lunch should always have a great amount of protein. Egg salads or something with lean meats would be great!
  • Did you know that a good diet isn’t just about solids? Your liquid intake should consist of at least 8 liters of water to juices and other substitutes!
  • Caffeine addiction is a part of our busy schedules. Have you fallen prey to it as well? Stop it right now and pledge to cut caffeine slowly but steadily!
  • The ample source of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants for one’s body are green veggies and you can always think of simple recipes to include them in your meals.
  • What about storing homemade energy bars and milk to survive the whole week with? On weekends, you can look up for recipes on the internet and prepare homemade energy bars to go with breakfast, coupled with milk and also have them as snacks! Even homemade granola made of dried fruits and nuts must be there in your kitchen!

The 7 meal ideas worth taking a look is here!

Well, running out of time and being busy are the two biggest excuses that working women give to stay away from healthy food. But is it worth it? Not if you love yourself and want to keep looking and feeling amazing!

You don’t have to give up going to the office or managing home to have nourishing meals. A tad bit of creative inputs coming from the inner chef in you and some important information curated from here and there will help you!

So here are the simple seven meal ideas (and quick too!) to promise yourself a better life.

1. Smoothies for breakfast to your rescue!

Jeopardised with the thought that skipping breakfasts can be harmful to health? If you are too busy to prepare something exotic, without missing any vital ingredients, you can always resort to smoothies! Nutritious, low fat and fibre- filled smoothies can rescue you when you are running late for work and not ready to give up on your hunger pangs, too! Loads of bananas, blueberries, strawberries and other fruits will help you kick off the day with a rush of energy, Don’t forget to add chia seeds for thickness and honey for sweetness (say no to sugar!) A mixer grinder or hand blender is all you need for this, and in no time you can enjoy this in your office cab as well! Here are some easy- to-go smoothie options:

  • Apple ginger smoothie with honey!
  • Grape smoothie with a dash of vanilla essence and yogurt
  • Strawberry and banana oat smoothie (maple syrup to ignite your taste buds!)
  • Banana blend smoothie with a mixture of other seasonal fruits
  • Beet, carrot and reddish smoothie with garlic and a handful of parsley, roughly chopped.

2. Toasts are easiest for breakfasts!

If you are looking for a breakfast meal option with ‘pick-me-up’ features, nothing works better than bread toast! Whole grain rye bread or brown bread with almond butter spread and banana slices as toppings take the least time to make! Oh, do you love avocados (Like many others)? Avocado toast with poached eggs is another delicious combination to hog on an empty stomach! Toasts are very convenient as the various toppings can offer distinct flavors! Here are some simple superb ideas:

  • Add scrambled eggs and shredded cheddar cheese to the piece of toast
  • Spread peanut butter with raisins, nuts, cranberries and shredded coconuts
  • Cinnamons, low fat cheese and sliced apples
  • Hummus with some veggies or fruits (Go customized and creative!)

3. Directly from the refrigerator!

Do you hate something too heavy for breakfasts? You can eat light and still retain a good amount of nutrition in your body with some smart meal ideas! One such filling option for PMSing days, or when you run out of hunger can be plain Greek yogurt with berries. No cutting or cooking and you are done! Apart from breakfast, this can be consumed when you are craving for something sweet but also want to avoid junk food at the same time.

4. Microwavable meals are super convenient!

Do you count your blessing twice due to the presence of a microwave oven at home? We all do! But have you made it a point to use it as a part of your busy lifestyle? Hurry up and check out some of the easy, effortless and hassle -free meal options from books, magazines and internet! The microwaveable oatmeal can be eaten with peanut butter and fruits as toppings during any time of the day, and also for lunch and dinner. For instance, you can have a microwavable lunch at the office with edamame rice which takes the least amount of time to cook and is also delicious! A lot of other meals can be prepared using the microwave oven. Gear up and put it to use soon!

5. Keep on munching snacks when you have no time to cook!

There are days in our lives when we are deadened by meetings, project deadlines and completely become alienated from ourselves! Do you want to feel low on energy just before an important client meeting or during your kid’s PTA meeting? Magic can be weaved in your tiring and jam-packed days with snacks that you can munch whenever you desire, without having to rely on a lunch or breakfast meal! Don’t let the high fat or high carb Oreo or fried chips derail your plans to eat well! Try to avert your eyes from them and put more stress in taking small healthy meals in the form of snacks. Baby carrots, radishes and cucumbers dipped in hummus are great options! When you feel like having something crunchy, have fruit salads (ice cream toppings won’t harm once or twice!), nuts and berries or other dry fruits should always be in your bag! Storing healthy snacks in your bag or having them on your office desk helps you to put up with your diet plan and also keeps you energetic! Here are some easy snack ideas to have by your side.

  • Nut and seed mix with juicy papaya!
  • The baked tortilla chips (Don’t end up having fried ones)
  • Bake kale in the oven with paprika and olive oil to make kale chips and add favorite seasonings.
  • Fig and walnut energy bars. Try to make energy bars at home during weekends.
  • Spicy cereal mix full of sugar and sodium. (Best to fight sweet cravings during PMS days)
  • Who doesn’t like popcorn? Make sure it is baked with maple syrup and cinnamon or some other additions.

6. Prepare your lunch with last night’s leftovers! Waking up in the morning and cooking for your lunch can be a scary feeling! Worry not and take a deep breath because you can easily get this done with last night’s leftover food items! Do you have last night’s soup left in the refrigerator? Heat it up and have it with some chopped veggies and cream, cheese or butter on the top! Also, if you have smoked salmon or shredded chicken stored at home, wonderful and enriching lunch meals can be fixed! Always keep some lemon juice, pepper, olive oil or herbs and seasonal spices at the office desk, and mix the chicken or salmon with them for a healthy lunch that takes a few minutes to get whipped up! Oh, don’t forget to have different fresh fruits with this meal! Below are some ideas to make lunch from last night’s leftovers.

  • Chicken salad with veggies from last night’s leftover chicken meal!
  • A fulfilling sandwich or burger with the curry or pizza toppings you had for last night acting as its filling.
  • Last night’s pasta can be prepared with some rice when you are in mood for some carbs.
  • Leftover rice and chicken can be used for making satay chicken and rice that is easy and economical

7. Light meals for dinner is the best way to end your day!

Spending all day rushing here and there, women usually feel exhausted and cranky by night! Have gluten-free pasta that can be easily rustled up with veggies, olive oil and parmesan cheese with chili flakes! Definitely let go the tender greens with this simple pasta meal! You can also have salad and soup for dinner keeping you light and energetic for the next day rush. For instance, the lentil and millet salad with herbs and veggies is one such idea, and you can combine this with any soup: from creamy spinach to tangy tomato. These dinner meals hardly take any time to get prepared and are healthy as well.

Feeling hungry already? Well, nothing feels better than a sumptuous meal! Begin your day with a heavy breakfast and end it on a lighter note to let your body function, correctly. You cannot ignore your career, but can you afford to eat wrong? Remember, food keeps us alive and vibrant, so never compromise on that!