Hope Paulson

Healthy mind, body, and spirit is my jam. I have been an elementary school teacher for the past 9 years…so I need something to keep me sane. After school, I am either out for a run, instructing cycle, or leading a yoga class. Fitness is definitely a passion of mine. Throughout challenges, it has been my source of stress relief and strength. I am capable each day of impacting others whether through teaching my students or leading a fitness class…and it isn’t something I take lightly. Find what motivates you, what makes your heart race, what makes you want more—and go get it.

Easton Schuster


5 Time National Team USA Member

3 Time World Bench Press Championship Medalist (1 Gold)

Multiple American Records

NG NUTRA provides the nutritional supplements that the sport of powerlifting demands. Competing in drug-free federations such as the IPF and USAPL, regular drug testing is administered and I can count on NG NUTRA products for performance and health in mind. I have been using these products since their arrival and have seen a change in my overall energy and focus going into a workout or into a normal day. The products I regularly rely on include the MO90 pre-workout and ATP48 creatine and would not hit a workout with them. The NG NUTRA products and staff have been there for me and will be there for anyone that has aspirations in fitness world.

Jonathan LEO


  • 4 x IPF World Bench Press Champion
  • 3 x IPF World Bench Press Silver Medalist
  • 6 x USA Powerlifting National Bench Press Champion
  • 5 x IPF World Record Holder
  • 9 x USA Powerlifting World Team Member (1 of 8 selected)
  • 5 x USA Powerlifting National Bench Press Champion
  • 6 x USA Powerlifting South Dakota State Champion
  • 4 x Nebraska State High School Champion
  • 2016-Inducted into South Dakota Powerlifting Hall of Fame
  • Meet director for 2019 USA Powerlifting Bench Press Nationals & South Dakota State Championship.
  • USA Powerlifting South Dakota State Chair.
  • Coached South Dakota athletes, Easton Schuster, Natalie Richardson (2019 IPF Classic Junior World Champion), & 5 additional IPF medalists from throughout the USA.
  • Owner of LeoStrength LLC

During my quest to keep performing at the high level I’ve found the NG NUTRA supplements to be the perfect fit. The reality of tainted supplements causing drug test failures is big problem but with NG NUTRA I rest easy.   I’m subjected to numerous drug tests throughout the year and I must know exactly what’s going into my body. This factor alone is reason enough to make NG NUTRA my exclusive line of supplements but the great flavor and results make it a clear choice.  Thank you again.  Jona Leo 

Melissa Eich

I am an R.N., NASM CPT and nutrition coach in the Sioux Falls area. My passion lies within educating others about food, nutrition and holistic wellness. In addition to working I am a wife, a mom to 3 (plus a doodle) and NPC competitor. I choose NG NUTRA products because I know the quality is impeccable. Each product is researched and developed by the best and executed perfectly.

Stephen Rueber


  • 3x District Champion
  • 2x National Champion
  • 2017 World Championships Gold Medalist
  • Currently ranted #1 in the ATA World Standings for the 2017-2018 Tournament year

NG NUTRA helps me achieve both my short-term goals, like working out at the gym daily, along with helping me to achieve my long-term goals, which include competing in District and World Tournaments. NG NUTRA has a wide variety of supplements available that both exceed both my flavor and consistency standards!  The supplements give me the boost I need without any adverse post work affects. From the pre-workout thermogenic to the post-workout protein shake, NG NUTRA helps me to perform at my peak.

Suzanne Letcher

“Finally, living life instead of dying to live.”

I spoke these words just over 12 years ago when I received  the news at 17 that I was a type 1 diabetic. Prior to diagnosis, I had run cross country and track but workouts had become a struggle. My body became emaciated and exhausted. After starting on insulin therapy, my energy level and body rebounded exponentially. I had gained 30 lbs in one month as a high school junior. Two weeks after diagnosis I ran my first mile. 3 years later I ran my first half marathon at the collegiate level and 4 years after diagnosis a full marathon at the NCAA outdoor track nationals. 

My senior year of college running I suffered from plantar fasciitis to the point I missed my last indoor/outdoor track season. After 8 months of healing, I tried to get back into running and struggled. It was boring and monotonous despite competing in a handful of half marathons. I started weight training and seeing the gains in the gym. I found a unique confidence in lifting heavy and then stumbled upon the crossfit craze. A beautiful challenge of weights, endurance, and gymnastics intertwined with the comradery of similar minded athletes. I was hooked. Six months after starting I became pregnant with twins and spent 4 months on strict bedrest. I returned to crossfit 2 years later.Every day there’s an opportunity to improve at a lift or movement that is a weakness. For that 1 hour a day, I think about nothing more than picking up the bar, taking less rest, and pushing harder than I thought I could. Through the challenges of life, I have discovered more about myself on a quest for a healthy lifestyle than I may have ever known.

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