Joining the GENESIS® Team is an opportunity to become part of the NEXT GENERATION of fitness and health advocates dedicated to improving the lives and forming meaningful bonds and friendships through NG NUTRA™. We welcome all applications and are grateful for each and everyone of them but only an exclusive few that fit our criteria will be selected to represent NG NUTRA. Our affiliates make a difference by being honest, understand-ing, and compassionate in there ongoing efforts to better themselves, their followers and our industry.

NG NUTRA views each Affiliate, Customer and Employee as a part of our family that we would do anything to help, motivate, support and empower.

The end goal of joining our team is to delight our Customers and you the Affiliates with the best products and help to implement NG NUTRA products into a healthy lifestyle. We want to give back to our community and leave a positive impact on the world we create for our children, family and gener-ations to come!

Awesome Payouts

You love fitness, it's time to capitalize on your passion!

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Share in our network of like minded people to learn new and exciting workouts, diets, and motivational techniques.

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The opportunity to build your personal brand and following by increased visibilty.

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Become part of an elite group of athletes that are dedicated to helping people achieve THEIR goals and dreams.


Hope Paulson NG NUTRA Affiliate

“As a busy teacher and yoga instructor, I can always use extra energy and motivation to help me achieve my peak physical condition.  NG NUTRA has always been my go to supplement company for products that can back up their claims! Stress and a busy lifestyle are somethings we all have to overcome and I trust NG NUTRA every step of the way.”

Easton Schuster NG NUTRA Affiliate

“As an elite athlete with several medals in my treasure chest, I know how important a good supplement regime is and what it does for my performance.  NG NUTRAs products have always delivered in every aspect for my performance and recovery.  The team is always educating me and the people I refer to them about new ingredients and what specific products are needed to reach certain goals.”

Steve Rueber NG NUTRA Affiliate

“As a national level Taekwondo competitor i look for every advantage in my training. Ng Nutra is an integral part of my path  to success. By using the best supplements available i know that i am always performing at my highest level. Ng NUTRA doesn’t just promise results , they deliver on their promises!”

Jonathan Leo NG NUTRA Affiliate

“I have been competing in powerlifting for over 15 years, holding several worlds gold medals in the USAPL and have learned proper supplementation is a key to my strenuous training routines.  NG NUTRA’s products have always exceeded my expectations to help me keep pushing through plateaus and competing at the highest level in the world.  They continued support means the world to me and I feel 100% confident referring my friends and family to NG NUTRA, knowing they will get the products they need for their goals.’”

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