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Pre-workouts by Goals

The Best Pre-workout for Your Goals

When choosing a pre-workout supplement it would be wise to consider a few factors going into the decision. Remember when you “workout” you are applying a stress to your body and your body is responding to that stress by adapting i.e. more muscle, less fat, better performance, increase strength. There are some pre-workouts that are decent at all of those workouts but there are some that are great at one type of workout and not so good at others! Confused well think of goals you may have and we can plug in some Pre-workouts!

What are your goals? Fat burning, Muscle building, Endurance

Each one of these goals could call for a specific product to increase performance and aid in recovery.

1- Cardiovascular/ Endurance – Look for a pre-workout containing:

caffeine 50-200 milligrams (start out slow). Helps to increase mental alertness and decrease pain. Obviously Caffeine Increases Energy but it can also liberate stored body fat to be used as energy INSTEAD of muscle tissue!,
Beta-Alaine – 500-3200mg This amino acid reduces lactic acid build up during exercise which can increase muscular endurance.

For an endurance pre-workout look to Full Pump 40 (FP40)

2- Body Shaping – Look For a Pre-workout containing:

Caffeine 50-200mg  – Increase mental alertness. Increase muscle fibers used which equates to more stress and more muscle

BCAA – Branch Chain Amino Acids , These are the building blocks of muscular protein. 1-5 grams can increase recovery.

Creatine Monohydrate – Creatine is an amino acid blend that helps to increase the amount of energy your body can produce during short bouts of intense exercise resulting in greater stress on muscles and increased adaption. Creatine can increase water retention in some people so opt for 1-3grams in a pre-workout. The effective studied dosage is 3-5grams per day but pre-workout smaller dosages maybe used.

A great Choice would be Muslce Overload 90 ( MO90)

3- Fatburning – Look for a pre-workout containing:

Caffeine- 50-200mg Yup caffeine again! Caffeine liberates stored body fat – a great thing to have while trying to lose fat!

Essential Amino acid Blend – Prevents muscle tissue breakdown during intense workouts and calorie restriction. The less muscle you breakdown the more muscle you have and muscle burns calories!

Capsimax – A patented digestible version of Cayenne pepper. Increases fat oxidation and increases circulation!

L- Carnitine – An amino acid involved in fat oxidation and energy production.

Soluble Fiber – Sounds weird to have fiber in a Pre-workout?! The harder you workout the hungrier you get and over eating can happen easily. Fiber activates a hormone that makes you feel full so you can control those cravings!

When looking for a Fat burning pre-workout Thermalburn16 (TB16) would be an excellent choice!

Thank you for Stopping by! If you have any questions or comments feel free to email me at zack@ngnutra.com. Make every day count!

Zack Durr