“I love drinking TB16 first thing in the morning or mid afternoon if i have a busy night ahead of me. I absolutely love the tropical paradise flavor.”


TB16 - Thermal Burn

TB16 is the newest exclusive blend of ingredients to maximize fat reduction, energy, mood support and concentration. TB16 is designed to help give you the edge in achieving and maintaining a lean physique. Utilizing a unique blend of ingredients, TB16 allows for superior focus and energy without the normal crash of other energy drinks.*

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We all love caffeine and is what makes the world go around! The perfect amount to stay on top of your day with amazing energy

Advantra Z

A patented ingredient that may help with reducing body fat, increasing lean muscle, suppressing appetite and increasing athletic performance.*


Has been shown to help with increasing attention, concentration and memory.*


A patented ingredient that has been shown to increase thermogenesis to help burn more calories and support lipolysis (the use of fat for energy production).*


Is a fiber that may help with digestion and regularity, helps to control blood sugar levels and helping with appetite reduction.*


A patented ingredient that enhances nutrient uptake by activating certain transport molecules. Depending on the ingredient, it may increase absorption 20% to 70%!*

TB16 Cherry Lime Suppliment Panel
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