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Summer Body

Summer Body With LC20

Now that summer has finally arrived and it’s stopped raining we can all get excited about being outdoors and enjoying the sun and fun! This winter was long and hard and a lot of us deal with that by eating more and being less active. If you are like me once the summer hits it’s a big wake up call to shock the body back into shape or just into shape (haha)!

At NG Nutra we realize that the journey to a better body isn’t easy and requires some level of dedication and sacrifice. This doesn’t have to be as difficult as you might expect and we have the perfect product to help you get fast results – LC20. LC20 is a simple to use Diet Aid that can help you to metabolize stored body fat, increase mental focus, reduce appetite, and support a positive mood! When we say “Diet Aid” that means you still have to make the effort to eat less and increase activity and LC20 makes these tasks easier and more efficient. I like to use the analogy of driving a car to work. You could have walked to work or rode a bike, but you drove your car because it was faster, less effort, and easier! The same can be said for LC20, it reduces appetite so dieting is easier and increases energy so working out and being active doesn’t seem like such a chore.

So what makes LC20 work so well? There are many natural energizers in LC20 such as Caffeine( obviously) , Yohimbe, Advatra Z, and Capsimax. These powerful nutrients stimulate energy and increase fat oxidation(burning). The extra energy also helps to decrease appetite, when your body has extra energy the nervous systems controls appetite!

Perhaps the most interesting ingredient is a naturally occurring broccoli extract, diindolylmethane (DIM). There are many positive benefits of DIM such as weight loss, increased lean muscle, improved complexion, and elevated mood. DIM confers its benefits by controlling bad estrogens and supporting utilization of good estrogens. This has a very positive impact on many aspects of health. The most important benefit of DIM is its ability to block a Enzyme called Aromatase which converts testosterone to estrogen. This is vitally important because body fat produces excess estrogen and that estrogen is a signal to store more body fat and decrease the amount of body fat being burned! By blocking excess, we can burn body fat at a higher rate and store less body fat as well, a pretty big win! In men this will work to increase natural levels of testosterone to a higher degree than women as they produce less.

The fat burning properties and the hormone control properties of LC20 makes it a must have in your summer time weight loss / fitness arsenal! Many of you already may use our Thermalburn16 (TB16) weight loss supplement and LC20 is a perfect combination product. We recommend taking one LC20 capsule in the morning and a serving of TB16 later in the afternoon as TB16 may control late day cravings and mood crashes a bit better. Taken as a stand-alone product LC20 works great, use one capsule in the morning and one capsule midafternoon. One of those dosages would be fantastic as a pre-workout fat burner as well!

Let’s get this summer rolling in a positive direction with LC20 today! As always Joel and I love to hear your feedback and look forward to answering any questions you may have!

All the best,

Zack Durr