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Posted by ngnutra on May 23, 2018

My interest in health and fitness began when I was very young as I used to watch my father lift weights and exercise when I was a little boy, from there I started lifting weights and running to get in shape for football in junior high. Like a lot of people I got bit by the workout bug and everything from fitness to bodybuilding fascinated me. In college I studied Biology, Sports medicine, and History, that’s where I met my business partner Joel Jansen. During college I worked in sales for a large supplement company and that lead to a Regional Manager job in central Iowa and Chicago after five years Joel and I got back in touch and decided to open our own Supplement company in 2004. From there we worked extremely hard and built up to NGNUTRA our Pride and Joy.

NG Nutra means a lot to me personally, I met my Wife Maria at work and we have three awesome little girls that help out from time to time learning the meaning of hard work, honesty, and Integrity. With twenty years of my life dedicated to helping people reach their health and fitness goals I know we can and will help you too.

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