Men’s Lean Muscle Kit

The products in the Men’s Lean Muscle Kit have been exclusively formulated to promote lean muscle while decreasing your body fat.  These products will help to increase strength, endurance and recovery.*

What’s Included:

  • MR46 (Muscle Recovery) – Recovery
  • MO90 (Muscle Overload) – Pre Workout
  • ATP48 (Advanced Creatine) – Pre Workout/Recovery
  • BodyFit Journal – 30 day journal to plan and record your exercise progress.
  • MindFit Journal – 30 day journal to plan and record your days.

MR46 (Muscle Recovery) – The latest combination of amino acids, collagen, electrolytes and anti-inflammatory ingredients to prevent muscle breakdown, increase lean muscle mass and give you proper hydration for any type of strenuous activity.* Read more

MO90 (Muscle Overload) – The latest breakthrough in pre-workout formulas for lean muscle-building, endurance, increased concentration and clean energy.* Read more

ATP48 (Advanced Creatine) – This exclusive formula combines the best forms of creatine and other ingredients to increase strength, lean muscle and endurance.* Read more

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