Women’s Lean Muscle Kit

The products in the Women’s Lean Muscle Kit have been exclusively formulated to promote lean muscle while decreasing your body fat.  These products will help to increase fat burning,  endurance and recovery.*

What’s Included:

TB16 (Thermal Burn) – TB16 is the easiest way to boost your mood and improve your wellbeing – even if you haven’t felt your best in years.* Read more

MR46 (Muscle Recovery) – The latest combination of amino acids, collagen, electrolytes and anti-inflammatory ingredients to prevent muscle breakdown, increase lean muscle mass and give you proper hydration for any type of strenuous activity.* Read more

XP96 (Extreme Pump) – Combines the best ingredients to increase blood & nutrient circulation during exercise and signals muscle tissue to repair and burn body fat in place of using muscle tissue for energy, resulting in a lean and toned look.* Read more

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