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XP96 - Extreme Pump

XP96™ combines only the best ingredients for maximum nitric oxide production, resulting in skin splitting pumps and vascularity.*

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Clinically studied, scientifically backed form of Agmatine Sulfate. Agmatine has been shown to have a whole host of benefits including increasing nitric oxide, reduce pain and reduce inflammation.*


A patented, complex of arginine and silicon, can help performance with unique benefits important to the training athlete. Nitrosigine is scientifically engineered to last up to six hours.*


One of the best forms of Beta Alanine - Carnosyn has been shown to help reduce lactic acid which results in greater endurance for any type of exercise.*


A patented ingredient that enhances nutrient uptake by activating certain transport molecules. Depending on the ingredient, it may increase absorption 20% to 70%!*

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ATP48 – Creatine Matrix

ATP48™ combines the best forms of creatine and other specific ingredients to ensure maximum absorption into the muscle. The strength and endurance boosting effects of creatine is what has made it one of the most effective supplements for building lean muscle on the planet. ATP48’s breakthrough combination sets it apart from any other creatine available. With more muscle ATP (Adenosine Triphosphate) and less lactic acid buildup during resistance training, NG NUTRAs ATP48 will have you training harder than ever before with faster recovery.


    Using several different forms to ensure maximum absorption, creatine is one of the most important ingredients to help with superior muscular endurance during short burst of energy.*


    The structure of the ATP formation has D-Ribose part of it. So, without D-Ribose we can’t make more ATP (energy).*


    An herb that has been shown to help with digestion and ‘mimicking’ insulin to help drive creatine directly into muscle tissue.*

MR46 – Muscle Recovery

MR46 contains a specialized blend of Branched Chain Amino Acids (BCAA’s) in the preferred 2 to 1 ratio. BCAA’s have long been known for their positive impact on endurance training and recovery. They are comprised of Leucine, Iso-Leucine and Valine and serve as a guard against muscle loss, especially during intense training and calorie restriction. During normal calorie consumption BCAA’s have been show to significantly increase protein synthesis in muscle tissue.*

  • BCAAs

    Have been shown to support optimal lean muscle growth, decrease muscle soreness and reduce muscle fatigue.*


    One of the most popular ingredients in the past few years. Studies have shown it may help to reverse skin aging, reduce cellulite and may ease joint pain.*


    Has been shown to increase creatine production in the body and to help increase protein synthesis (increase protein production to help recovery).*